Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ride into Boar-dom

The ride to Sungei Rengit used to be a nice ride along buff trails through shady oil palm plantations. Not any more. Most of the plantations have been razed, and replaced with young palms that provided little shade.

After a 1 hour bum-boat ride from Changi Pt, we were raring to go! Well, some of us were more interested in looking for coins on the gravel and messing around with their fanny..... pack.

The ride gets underway, and we decide to take the tarmac route, as the old route through the village and forest is no longer recogniseable.

We continue past "Han Bridge" and turn left onto the riverside trail leading to Sebana Cove.

Not far after "Puke Bush", we heard some major rustling in the bushes. A spooked wild boar rushed out of the bushes and bolted down the trail towards the other riders. Some say it was drifting as it attempted a holeshot between 2 riders. Bad judgement on Snarls Barkley's part saw it meeting with Wayne's brake disc at full-boar and taking Max down as well.

The boar-ing incident over, we continued on, eyes wide open.

Ling, Max (with open mouth) and Kapitan Soon ride on.

Prata man Yeo (the Blonde).

Charging Chio Bu Angela leading the bores though the fern garden.

Got to make this a regular ride.. time it right for the next hair cut. Heh heh.