Monday, November 26, 2007

Overshot and Grave Drop

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NewFlash! Wild Boar Chase @ Ubin

Pulau Ubin - 21 Nov 2007 - 1805hrs

Here I am at the office and I get a phone call from Ling. They're at Pulau Ubin, working with Joey Klein (The IMBA guy) enhancing the new MTB trail with a few black diamond sections.

William goes off to buy coffee.... after a while, Ling receives 4 SMS'es from William for help! He got chased by a family of wild boars and managed to climb up a fence to get away from them!

They crew gets into the Truck to go rescue William, but the truck gets bogged down the in the mud.

They call in the Dumper to pull the Truck out, but the Dumper's Thumper is underpowered... but finally they pull the truck out of the mud.

BUT THEN, the tow rope gets stuck and they can't undo it, so more hullabaloo with the BoarWatch team.

In the meantime, they call William's phone to find out that he's still on the fence, and the pigs are waiting to eat him. He doesn't know where his bike is, cos he dumped his bike (and I'm assuming the coffee) and ran for his life.

Can't get more news out of Ling, cos she cannot stop laughing!

This was too funny to keep so myself, so I had to let our fellow Ubin Cowboys know about this by SMS.

SMS replies :

Wayne : Hahahahhahahahahhahahaa that's freaking funny, man!!!!! Hahahahahahhahaha

Max : Wat?

Soon : Oh Shit! U're kidding right?

John : Heh heh.. Sounds like our 4WD trip gone wrong :)

Eric : Shd call Ah Yeo, this Sat BBQ (meat) settled liao....

Its 1859hrs... nothing heard. Out.

2000hrs. They're at L&T, still laughing about it. ...

.... Finally they reach William. No sign of boars, but William stayed on the fence for 1/2 hour cos he was afraid they would ambush him. He could still hear their snorting in the bushes...

This is how they found him ....

More about our #1 Boar incident here.
Place - Pengerang, Malaysia
Original boar-man - Wild Boar Wayne
Type of meeting - Direct hit
Casualty - One front wheel and One Boar Head
Evidence - Bent front wheel and some Bak Kwa with Boar hairs
After effects - Strange reaction to Boar humour

Monday, November 12, 2007

Togoparts 11
An 11 hour enduro race..... it sounded like a good idea for us to get together for an all-day race at an easy peasy pace....
It was tough recuiting victims, but we finally got together a Team of Old Cocks (Eric & Ming) and Spring Chickens (Ling and Angela). Team Mingloid-Merciless-Birdman-Sotong. Spasticism of epic proportions for an epic race. It was going to be fun.

All our plans for an easy race became toast when Dirtraction and Adidas stepped in with sponsorship and support. So that's how team Team M.M.B.S. became Team DirtAdidtion "A" (which Togogopaparts had tremendous difficulty pronouncing).

DirtAdidtion "B" comprised of riders from the international siongalingam MTB circuit :
Lai Thutt (Himachal Pradesh Mountain Marathon),
Yew Weng (New Zealand Enduro),
Collins (China to Tibet Epic),
Yu Seung (Malaysia Jungle champion).

Oops... even before the race starts... news of the first Cock-up!

Cock up #0 - Angela forgot her shoes!! Yikes!! Her darling Wayne rushed to get them and made it back before her turn!

The race started with a 400m run to the bikes. Easy for us adventure racers... let's rush to the front of the pack and stay there for the 1st lap!

Cock-up #1 - Our plan to blitz the first lap was shattered when we found out that mountain bikers can run. Fast! We ended up way down the field.

The mud in the forested area was simply amazing... varying in consistency from Mushroom Soup to Clam Chowder to Rice Pudding. It was as unappetizing as wet cement.

Did I say MUDDY?

Lucky Break #1 - The fantastic support crew who kept the gears shifting, hydration pre-mixed and the energy food on the table. The only thing Wayne, HM, Jason and Ken didn't do was to peel the bananas for us.

Team A's average lap times was 30 mins. Team B consistently nailed sub 30 lap times, with some sub-25's, thanks to YS and Collins.
Lucky Break #2 - Team B was doing better lap times, but Team A had girl power (think 1 1/4 laps for every girl-lap).

Cock-up #2 - Ling had chain suck! Twice! Luckily she un-sucked herself and turned in a respectable lap time.
12 noon, time to start our 7th lap and also the games! Teams were divided into 3 groups, and we raced against each other, threading the entire group through a 26" tyre.

Lucky Break #3 - Team B got a 2 lap credit and Team A got 1 from the game!

1.15pm, time for the 2nd game. Sudoku! Yikes! Thanks to helping hands and Team KNN, we managed to hand in the Puzzle after 20 Brain damaging minutes. Kudos to Angela who still could think after just emerging from that mud!

Lucky Break #4 - One lap credit each for Sudoku! Yee ha!!

3pm, 6 1/2 hours into the race and 13 laps done. Time for the last game, and we sent Eric.
Lucky Break #5 - Last man standing! Eric nails if for the Trackstand competition. 1 more Lap credit!

6.30pm... Ming leaves for his lap. Ling to ride next, and she has to make it back before the 7.30pm cut-off, so that Angela can go for a last lap.

Chances were slim, considering our lap average was 30mins, and darkness was falling. Ming was considering taking his time, but Yu Seung pushes him hard (till cramping point!).

Lucky Break #6 - Ling rides the last lap at lightning speed in the dark and makes it back at 7.28pm! She rode like she saw a ghost! She even looks like one!
Angela get's the chance to finish off the race! Go Angela!! Go!!!

Its tough enough riding the 1 foot wide trail in the day. Seriously, I don't know how Angela did it in the darkness (and overtake other guys too!). Brave effort, Angela!

DirtAdidtion took 2nd place, behind the invincible Team Hammer. Hehehe.. not a bad outcome for a bunch of wacky weekend warriors. That's us holding on to the loot!