Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BikeAsia 100

100km Mountain Bike Race

A photoblog

Pinoy Beauty #404

Android on his 29" Single Speed.

Where's my Roti Prata?

Oops! Tinker's got it.

Burst of energy after eating that stuff.

The Race was called off at the 4th hour due to Thunderstorms and Lightning that was too close for comfort.

We were fried by the morning sun, but that's better than being fried by a lightning bolt.

Tinker's Race bike. Perfect tire choice!

Tampines Race Track Intro Video

What went through my mind during the race :

Running start - "Hmm... this running feels good, why are the rest so slow?"

Lap 1 - 41:23 min - "Ahh.. sweet.. avoided the cluster f's and bottlenecks. Keep pumping!"
Lap 2 - 39:46 min - "OK.. keep cranking hard to gain some time. Hmmm I don't understand... the legs still feel good...weird..."
Lap 3 - 42:03 min - "Slurrrrp! WTF! Camelbak's empty! puff puff... wheeze"
Lap 4 - 45:34 min - "Too hot! Too hot! Gimme Gatorade! ...hmmmm, riders are dropping like flies."
Lap 5 - 57:55 min - "Arggghhh.. leg cramps.. OK.. stand here and pretend to wave Tinker by. OK.. let's ride.. arrggghhh... cramp again!"
Lap 6 - Race off - "go slow... go slow...get the legs back.... its nice and cool now with the rain..... Race cancelled? Whooo weee!!! "

What might have gone through Tinker's mind :

Running start - "Hey, why are these guys running so fast? They're nuts"
1 - 28:20 min - "Wow.... this trail sure is narrow..."
2 - 28:36 min - "La la la la.... Teletubbies... Tinker, Dipsy, Lala, Po....."
3 - 29:34 min - "Oops... here are the slow ones... on your right! thanks. "
4 - 30:09 min - "Holeee... where did rider #3 come from? He must be a fresh duo guy"
5 - 30:35 min - "Overtaking for the 220th time. This is tricky stuff...... Hey..... who swapped my Turkey Sandwich with a Greasy Roti Prata?"
6 - 30:13 min - "On your right.. Noooooo.. don't stop on the plank!! Splat!
7 - 29:37 min - "Hi Ming, lapping you for the 2nd time.... Why are you just standing there?"
8 - 29:48 min - "OK.. lets step it up for the last 2 laps.. what? The race is called off?... dagnabbit!"

A big thank you for our pit crew for their hard work before, during and after the race!

Tinker, you're a true Champion and a Gentleman. BikeAsia / CannAsia could not have picked a better ambassador for this race. :)

Pics borrowed from here:

Noel Chian

Pinoy Riders


See ya next year!