Monday, July 10, 2006

Kent Ridge Trail

A new trail! Whoooo hoooo !!

From nothingness, Max and his Bangla crew started hacking a new trail.

A few days after the work started, we went to Kaypoh. Unrideable stuff! Large steps, steep down and upslopes. Loose soil..... and Max was already toying with the idea of holding the next race there! C'mon lah... serious or not?

Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the MTB crowd, Nik happened to be "in between jobs". NZ trained Nik. With unlimited Internet access. A Monster was created.

Together with the Nparks folks and the Banglas, this trail machine cut thru the forest to create snaking, twisty lines that dropped and rose through the ridges. A trail that would push your skill and cardio levels to the max.

Good stuff. Weekends will be too short from this week onwards.

Here's a some snippets stitched together to a tune from Queen. Freddy Mercury on a bicycle? Another one bites the dust.