Friday, October 12, 2007

Crank 6 Race Results

Yep, results are out... here's the blow by blow account :

Lap 1 - 00:29 - We're off! Slow and easy start. Long day ahead...

Lap 2 - 00:37 - Ling starts to wilt.... cannot clip in on her right side due to mud and sprain.

Lap 3 - 00:40 - Stopped to change Ling's SPuDs to platforms. Max!! Where's the Allen keys??

Lap 4 - 00:44 - Full effect of heat being felt... stopped to pour water on Ling's head.

Lap 5 - 00:32 - Ling starts to revive after dumping more water on her head.

Lap 6 - 00:42 - Load up on water and food, put on lights. No stopping till the end!

Lap 7 - 00:31 - Ling starts to push the pace!

Lap 8 - 00:35 - Ming gets cramp ticks and slows down to a walk.

Lap 9 - 00:45 - Nightfall... super adrenalin rush! Ling plays safe and walks the scary stuff.

A day of parched sand and deep, sticky mud, flat lallang fields and cruel climbs, wide sandy tracks and steep descents, fresh air and the stink of methane. Ian Ng lives on.....


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